If you are an owner of a new PlayStation you have probably tried to either redownload your SingStar songs to the new PlayStation or have tried the Backup and Restore process when moving to a new unit.  Sadly neither will work.  Sony puts copy protection on all SingStar songs that are downloaded prohibiting them to be download to anymore than one PlayStation.


Luckily I have found a way to transfer your SingStar songs from your old PlayStation 3 and onto your brand new PlayStation Slim.

1.  Deactivate your old PlayStation 3.  To do this plug in the system and via the XMB go under PlayStation Network and select Account Management.  Choose to activate a system.  Inside there will be a deactivate option.  Make sure to deactivate both Video and Video Games privileges.  This is going to be imperative for when you talk to Sony on the phone.

2.  Once you have deactivated your PlayStation 3 you will need to call Sony Customer service.  The number is 1877-971-7669.  When a customer service rep comes on make sure to be very clear with them what you are doing.  Explain to them that you bought a new PlayStation 3 and want to be able to redownload your SingStar songs to your new unit.

3.  They are most likely going to tell you that this is not possible.  Mention to them you read online that if you deactivate your old PlayStation 3 and give your new model # to a customer service Rep that they will eventually be able to be redownloaded.  At this point the representative will explain to you that they have to send the request to Sony Europe for approval and it could take up to a week.

4.  They will not send you an email or anything when this is done.  You will just need to constantly log into your SingStar account on the new system and check under Previous Downloads.  To get to this screen you log into the SingStar Online Store and look across the bottom at the shortcut keys.  I believe the square button will bring up previous downloads.  Click on one of your songs and if it starts downloading you are golden.

Good luck and send me a message on Twitter if you have any questions.